Bhai Saheb Sher Singh


Bhai Sher Singh ji joined the Sangat of Nashville in 2013. He served as main Bhai saheb as well Kirtani Singh at Gurdwara Singh Sabha in New Delhi. Bhai Sher Singh is highly trained singer of Gurbani ragas and got his 4 years training from Saheed Sikh Missionary College at Amritsar in punjab. Bhai Saheb always volunteers in his free time and energy in all sort of indoors and outdoors in Nashville. His personal understanding in Gurbani is obvious from listening to his Kirtan. Bhai Saheb always put an excellent efforts to improve his Keertan and Katha skills.

Sikh Faith does not have a title as "priest" as all Sikhs are expected to learn and practice their Sikh faith and share their knowledge with their community. This eliminates a professional priest class that often serves as a go­between "God" and his subjects. SIkhs have a direct relationship with God through their Word Guru. In his free time Bhai Saheb Sher Singh ji working outside of the Gurdwara Saheb to support his family, and SE SRS compensate him only for his care taking duties at the Gurdwara Saheb as well as for the education he provides to our community. If you would like to invite Bhai Saheb ji for a keertan program at your home or would like to host a program at Gurdwara Saheb, please contact Gurudwara management and Bhai Saheb ji.