Gurmat Classes

SE SRS Youth Gurmatt Classes are designed to prepare a Sikh/Non-Sikh child to be able to read Gurbani from Guru Granth Saheb Ji. Along the way, we hope to impart a love of our wonderful faith and basics of Sikh philosophy and history. All classes are held at SE SRS on Sundays morning starting at 10 AM. Every youth member of any community who wishes to participate is welcomed to attend classes after meeting with Raman Kaur.

Classes are teacher led and homework assignments are given out regularly. We strongly encourage parents to speak Gurmukhi at home to re-inforce the lessons learned in class.

Kirtan Classes are held by Navneet Kaur who is well experienced & imparts training to any aspirant age from 5 yrs & onwards.

Tabla Classes are also provided on all Sundays by the Committee.